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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know Attala County Memories

I am new to blogging. Actually Terry Thornton's blog, Hill Country of Monroe County, was the inspiration for my blog, which I developed in mid-July of this year. I had "googled" Monroe County, Mississippi for sources of information about my great-great-greatgrandparents near Aberdeen, Mississippi in 1843 and had found Terry's blogspot. A blog seemed an appropriate venue for posting much of the results of family research I had completed and compiled over the past ten years about several family lines. My original plan was to write a book, but after I saw the number of geneabloggers out in cyperspace and their apparent successes with dedicated readers, I decided to update my thinking about how to present the results of my family research.

For this blogging event, Terry asked for the best of the best of our articles - articles that have been previously published and are still available online. I chose the three posts shown below.
1. "James T. Buck and His Bicycle" found at

I think this post is my "brightest ,"because it was written about an unconventional news reporter who used a non-traditional approach to write about everyday people and everyday things.

2."What Would You Save?" can be found at

This is my "breeziest" post, because it addresses a somber set of possibly serious circumstances in a somewhat lighthearted manner.

3. "James and Eileen Netherland Branch Celebrate 63 years of Marriage" found at

I believe this is the most beautiful post that I have published online, because it is about my parents and their unique courtship, written from my heart.

I invite readers of Attala County Memories to get to know more about southern history and culture by reading my blog and getting to know the people, their circumstances, and their challenges as settlers in early Mississippi.

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