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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Surname Saturday - Are We Related?

Surnames I am researching, along with known migration paths, are listed below.  If you are researching the same names, I would love hearing from you. Who knows, we may be cousins!

Atwood - SC>GA>AL>Carroll CO MS
Baldridge - PA>NC>TN>Carroll CO MS
Baskin - NC>TN>Carroll CO MS
Branch - VA>NC>TN>Attala CO MS
Coggins - NC>SC>GA>AL>Holmes CO MS
Fenner - RI>NC>SC>GA>AL>Wilkinson CO MS
Gibson - VA>NC>SC>TN>Monroe CO MS>Calhoun CO MS
Garrard - VA>NC>SC>GA>AL>Holmes CO MS
Marble - NC>SC>GA>AL>Adams Co MS
Merriwether - VA>NC>SC>AL>Tallahatchie CO MS>Carroll CO MS
Middleton - VA>NC>SC>AL>Adams CO MS>Franklin CO MS
Motte - Ireland>Antigua B.W.I.>SC (with some descendants in Franklin Co MS)
Netherland - VA>NC>SC>GA>AL>Wilkinson CO MS
Pettus - VA>NC>SC>GA>AL>Holmes CO MS
Porter - PA>VA>NC>SC>AL>Franklin CO MS>Attala CO MS
Ragland - VA>NC>SC>AL>Wilkinson CO MS>Hinds CO MS>Attala CO MS
Stampley - VA>SC>AL>Adams CO MS
Trigleth - VA>NC>SC>AL>Holmes CO MS
Williams (AL>TN>Monroe CO MS)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

"The Diary of a Southern Lady," by Katharine M. Jones

Recently, I agreed to publish a copy of a press release for one of my readers, Katharine M. Jones, announcing the publication of her new book, "The Diary of a Southern Lady." In her book, Ms. Jones, the great, great granddaughter of Georgina Barrett Devlin,  reveals the contents of a previously unpublished diary of a young immigrant mother who lived in the towns of Winona and Yazoo City, Mississippi. Interestingly, the diary covers a sixty-year period of time that includes the Civil War and documents the many changes in transportation during the mid-1800s and the early 1900s.


Previously Unpublished 1852-1912 Diary Now Available

Yazoo City, MS, November 4, 2011 -- In 1852, Georgina Barrett Devlin was a young immigrant from London with small children, living in Yazoo City, Mississippi. She began keeping a journal, at first sporadically but then consistently, almost every day for the rest of her longlife. Now this diary, titled The Diary of a Southern Lady, set in Yazoo City and Winona  and transcribed and edited by her great, great granddaughter, Katharine Jones, has been published by Create Space and is available on Amazon. Early in this period of sixty years she recounts her experiences during the Civil War, when Yankee forces came to her house and she took the children to hide in the woods. After her husband's Yazoo City store burned, the family moved to Winona, Mississippi, where they lived for several years, and then moved back to Yazoo City. In the course of her life story, the reader will read of traveling by stage, then by railroad, by trolley, and by 
automobile. The education of her children and grandchildren is a constant theme. They were at first taught at home or in small neighborhood schools, but were later sent away to boarding schools and colleges as far afield as Tennessee, Virginia, and even Canada. She was interested in the religious and social movements of the day, including Christian Science and Swendenborgian philosophy. And in her later years, her aches and pains and the treatments of the day became more and more important to her. Well footnoted, this diary will be of interest to historians and students of Southern history, theC ivil War and the development of rural and small town life, as well as to the general public.
The Diary of a Southern Lady is available at, on ww.Amazon.comor by contacting the author at

Contact Information for the author is:
Katharine M. Jones
Telephone: 540-686-7285
Mailing address: 146 Stuart Drive
Winchester, VA 22602