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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Some Things Never Change

In late August, I published a post that included a thought-provoking poem by "Anonymous," that I found in an article written by James T. Buck in the Lexington Advertiser. I thought the poem worthy of reposting , especially today when the U. S. Senate will vote on a rescue bill for the U. S. economy.

Ironically, the poem was published in 1936. Even more ironic is the fact that the poem could have been written in 2008 about our current society and some of its pervasive problems.

I hope you read the poem, and I would love to hear your comments.

Too many hours that we don't toil;
Too many highways, too many cars;
Too many people behind the bars;
Too much poverty, too much wealth;
Too many people have poor health;
Too much politics, too much booze;
Too many wearing high heel shoes;
Too many loafing, too many bets;
Too many failing to pay their debts;
Too many spending their dough for gas;
Too many talking of Europe's sass;
Too many buying beyond their means;
Too many buying canned corn and beans;
Too many sowing a crop of wild oats;
Too many candidates after your votes;
Too many hiring their washing done;
Too many playing bridge for fun;
Too many looking to Uncle Sam;
Too many people don't give a d---;
Too many poets, too much prose;
Too many girls without underclothes;
Too much buying of goods on time;
Too many people don't save a dime;
Too much bail, too much play;
Too many officers on big pay;
Too much taxes, too much rent;
Too many folks spend every cent;
Too much fun, too much ease;
Too many rips in my BVD's;
Too much reform, too much law;
The darndest mess you ever saw.

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