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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Saints and Sinners of Attala County, Part 2

I have been researching the next story in this series for some time, often running into dead ends, and sometimes encountering resistance by some of those who are still living. But today I finally located the final source of information I need for publishing a post about an infamous relative of mine, a man with roots in Attala County and a man with a tarnished reputation. He had no need for a second name - he was known simply as "Tillman."

Some of you who read my posts may have known Tillman. Many of you may have even liked him for the good things he did before he died. Some, like me, may have been related to him. But you may be more likely to be among the many Attala and Holmes County residents who may have only "heard" about Tillman Branch and his life as the owner of "juke joints" in the Mississippi Delta. Some even called him a "bootlegger."

Tomorrow's post will include my story about Tillman.

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