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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Pineapple - A Sign of Welcome and Hospitality

If this is your first visit to Attala County Memories, welcome! I hope you return often. If this is a return visit for you, welcome back! Beginning today, and on each Saturday, I plan to write a slightly different type of post here, one that is still somewhat genealogy related, but not quite as focused on people and dates. Today's post is about a simple object, the pineapple, and its historical significance and symbolic meaning. Use of the pineapple as a symbol actually dates back to colonial Virginia. During that period, the pineapple was often used to represent hospitality and friendship. Often, a pineapple was placed near a door to show visitors and other travelers the house was a safe haven in what was sometimes an unsafe or hostile environment. When the colonial capital of Williamsburg, Virginia was restored, the pineapple was featured in many of the elements there to serve as a symbol of hospitality to visitors. Years later, replicas of colonial furniture often feature a pineapple among the carvings on the pieces.

Today, many home decor items, from door mats (I had one myself) to place mats, candles, china, napkins, coasters, and tea towels, often use a pineapple in the motif. Christmas ornaments and yard art are often created in the shape of a pineapple. But the symbolic meaning, many years later, remains the same.....Welcome!

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