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Friday, June 12, 2009

Scenes from Greenwood, Mississippi

Before we left Greenwood, Mississippi for other points of interest in the Mississippi Delta, we stopped to photograph a few historic buildings and landmarks in town. Although there are literally dozens of beautifully-kept turn-of-the century homes along Park Avenue, the one above caught my eye. With a porch on two sides, this house is the only one along this lovely tree-lined street with its front door facing a side street.

Our next stop was downtown Greenwood. Although we arrived in Greenwood after Memorial Day festivities were over, we thought it appropriate to include a photograph of the large Veteran's Memorial pictured above.

Another interesting building was the old Greenwood Public Library seen here. The new Greenwood Public Library is an up-to-date brick and glass facility in downtown Greenwood and is a great place to begin researching Leflore County family history.

One of the most beautiful historic structures in Greenwood, Mississippi is the Leflore County Courthouse seen above. Located at 317 W. Market Street, Greenwood, Mississippi, the courthouse is the center of government activity for the county of just under 40,000 people who live in and around the towns of Greenwood, Itta Bena, Morgan City, Schlater, and Sidon.
Next stop: Robert Johnson Museum

Sources: Digital Photograph Collection, privately held by Janice Tracy

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  1. What a beautiful old town. Your photographs are lovely and they make me feel as if I was right there beside you! Looking forward to the Museum stop.