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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Barwick Family of Madison County, MS - Part 2

When we left off yesterday, the family of Henry K. Barwick, in 1860, was living in Madison County, with a postal address of Canton, Mississippi. Henry was married to Mary, his second wife, who he had married after his wife, Jane, and their 12 day old daughter, Margaret Eleanor, had died.  A photo of the gravestone marking the burial place of his wife and daughter can be viewed on my other blog, Cemeteries of Dancing Rabbit Creek.  

According to "Barwick Family of the United States: A Concise History of Barwicks, 1664 to the Present, written by Samuel Omar Barwick, M.D. and published on July 1, 1907, Henry Kennedy Barwick, Sr. was born in 1814 and moved to Mississippi in 1851.  He was the son of James Barwick, Sr., and the grandson of William and Elizabeth Barwick of Darlington District, S.C.  Henry's first marriage was to Jane M. Thompson, with whom he had four children, Virginia, Cornelia, Henrietta and William B. Barwick. Henry married Mary Martin after Jane's death, and he and Mary had seven children together.

A review of the U. S. Census for Mississippi, recorded in 1870, shows H. K. Barwick, age 55, and his 37 year old wife, Mary Barwick, living in Beat 4 of Attala County.  Their household included an adult female named Mary A. Barwick, age 45,  Jane A. Barwick, 12,  H.K. Barwick, an eleven year old male, M.A.B. Barwick, 8 year old female,  R.J.E. Barwick, a 6 year old male, Maggie, 4, and Flora S. Barwick, one month old. Since relationships to the householder were not shown on this census record, it can only be assumed the five younger children in the household are sons and daughters of Henry and 37 year old Mary.  The relationship of Mary A. Barwick to Henry is less clear, but it is likely that she is the widow of W. B. Barwick, Henry's son by his first wife, who died in 1868.  A photo of a gravestone inscribed "W.B. Barwick" can be viewed on Cemeteries of Dancing Rabbit Creek

In 1880, Henry, then 65, and his wife, Mary Barwick, 46, were living in Newport (Attala County) Mississippi.  Their household included daughters, M. A. Barwick, age 18, Maggie, age 14, Edward, 16, and two more daughters, Ida, 10, and Emma M., 4, and a son, Eugene, 6, who had been born in the ten years since the last census was recorded. An older daughter, Jane A., 22 years old, and her husband, D. D. Simmons, were enumerated in the next household.

Henry K. Barwick, Sr. would outlive a second wife, when Mary Martin Barwick died on March 20, 1885. When Henry died slightly over two years later on May 22, 1887, he was buried near Mary in McLain's Cemetery in Attala County. 

The children of Henry and his two wives, Jane Thompson Barwick and Mary Martin Barwick, married into several Attala County families, and their descendants continue to live in many areas in Mississippi and throughout the United States.


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