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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Surname Saturday - Are We Related?

Surnames I am researching, along with known migration paths, are listed below.  If you are researching the same names, I would love hearing from you. Who knows, we may be cousins!

Atwood - SC>GA>AL>Carroll CO MS
Baldridge - PA>NC>TN>Carroll CO MS
Baskin - NC>TN>Carroll CO MS
Branch - VA>NC>TN>Attala CO MS
Coggins - NC>SC>GA>AL>Holmes CO MS
Fenner - RI>NC>SC>GA>AL>Wilkinson CO MS
Gibson - VA>NC>SC>TN>Monroe CO MS>Calhoun CO MS
Garrard - VA>NC>SC>GA>AL>Holmes CO MS
Marble - NC>SC>GA>AL>Adams Co MS
Merriwether - VA>NC>SC>AL>Tallahatchie CO MS>Carroll CO MS
Middleton - VA>NC>SC>AL>Adams CO MS>Franklin CO MS
Motte - Ireland>Antigua B.W.I.>SC (with some descendants in Franklin Co MS)
Netherland - VA>NC>SC>GA>AL>Wilkinson CO MS
Pettus - VA>NC>SC>GA>AL>Holmes CO MS
Porter - PA>VA>NC>SC>AL>Franklin CO MS>Attala CO MS
Ragland - VA>NC>SC>AL>Wilkinson CO MS>Hinds CO MS>Attala CO MS
Stampley - VA>SC>AL>Adams CO MS
Trigleth - VA>NC>SC>AL>Holmes CO MS
Williams (AL>TN>Monroe CO MS)


  1. My family has Mississippi roots but I see no shared surnames.

    But do continue your blog. I enjoy it.

  2. I have Porter's from NC>MS in my roots. Would like to compare as mine is limited.

  3. So many of my family is from Mississippi and still are. Please visit and join my blog. You may know some of them.

    Ps..I am happy to be your 100th follower. :-)