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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Surname Saturday

Surnames I am researching, along with geographic areas of interest, are the following:
Baldridge - Ireland>PA>NC>SC>TN>MS
Branch - VA>NC>TN>MS
Coggins - NC>SC>GA>AL>MC
Fenner - RI>NC>GA>AL>MS
Gibson - VA>NC>SC>TN>MS
Merriwether (Meriwether/Merriweather) - VA>KY>SC>GA>AL>TN>MS
Motte - Dublin, Ireland>West Indies>SC>AL>MS Territory
Netherland (Neatherlin/Netherlin/Neatherland) - VA>KY>TN>GA>AL>MS
Pettus - VA>KY>TN>GA>AL>MS
Porter - PA>VA>NC>SC>AL>MS
If your ancestors share these surnames, I would love to hear from you.  Who knows...we may be cousins!


  1. Hi Janice,
    I hope you will read my blog post today that I shared this week after my trip to Mississippi. I was able to walk the same cemetery in Red Lick, MS...Trevillion Cemetery, where my Ancestors wlked before me. click here
    I love reading all the places in Mississippi that you blog about. Perhaps you have seem some of my own family genealogy in your travels. Thank you,

  2. I'm related to the Porter's in MS and a neighbor is related to the Porter's in TN!

  3. My husband was a Netherland. They lived in south Mississippi and some of them lived in La. Contact me at