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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Edward Tillman Branch, b 1798 in VA

According to Thomas J. Wertenbaker's book, The Planters of Colonial Virginia, six (6) males with the BRANCH surname were living in Virginia in the early 1700's. These individuals were

Benjamin Branch
Henrico County, 1705

Francis Branch
Isle of Wighte County, 1704

James Branch
Henrico county, 1705

John Branch
Isle of Wight County, 1704

Matthew Branch
Henrico County, 1705

Thomas Branch
Henrico County, 1705

All research that I have conducted indicates that Benjamin Branch of Henrico County was likely the father of Edward Branch (1), who became the father of Edward Branch (2), whose son Edward (3) later married Martha Tillman and became the father of Edward Tillman Branch, born in 1798.

According to Brunswick County, Virginia Marriage Records (Pg 81), Edward Branch was first married to Sally Goodrich, daughter of Mary Goodrich. Sally was shown as twenty-one years old, and a Surety Bond was posted by Henry Bailey. Witnesses to the marriage were John Goodrich and Lucy Sims. The marriage ceremony was performed on June 26, 1794 by the Reverend Edward Dromgoole, a Methodist Episcopal minister. It is safe to assume that Sally died at a very early age, since Edward's subsequent marriage to Martha Tillman is recorded on Page 97 of the Marriage Records, also Brunswick County. Lucy Harrison is listed as making an affidavit for Martha's age of twenty-one years at the time. A Surety Bond was posted by Hartwell Bass, and witnesses to the ceremony included Betsey Tillman, Polly Vaughan, and Frances Green. The couple were married on February 17, 1797, also by the Reverend Edward Dromgoole, and in 1798, Edward and Martha became the parents of Edward Tillman Branch, my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather.

The will of Edward Tillman Branch's grandfather, Edward Branch (2), of Manchester Parish, is shown in the Probate Records of Chesterfield County, Virginia, page 104, and contained the following language:

To wife Lucy for life, plantation I live on, 4 negroes, etc.
To son Edward, 400 acres in Charlotte county and 2 negroes
To son Thomas, 2 negroes and 10,000 lbs tobacco
To son William, 624 acres in Lunenburg county and 2 negroes
To son Benjamin, after my wife's death, plantation I live on and 2 negroes
To my 6 (sic) daughters Molly, Lucy, Obedience Turpin, Juday Finney, Elizabeth and Prudence Branch, equally, 6 negroes
To daughter Lucy Branch, feather bed, etc.
To daughter Obedience Turpin Branch, 1 bed, etc.
To daughter Juday Finney Branch, same
To daughter Elizabeth Branch, 1 bed
To daughter Prudence Branch, 1 bed
Rest of my personal estate to my sons Edward, Thomas, William, and Benjamin

All my research indicates that Edward Tillman Branch, born in 1798, continued to live in VA until at least early 1815, when he was discharged after serving in the War of 1812.

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