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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Attala County - August 26, 1931

I found the newspaper article contained in today's post while organizing some of my genealogical research, and I thought it might provide an interesting snapshot of life in Attala County, Mississippi, as it was 77 years ago. Ironically, the article bears today's date.

On August 26, 1931, the following article was published in the Star-Herald, Kosciusko's newspaper:

"Attala Equalizes Personality Rolls, 1930 Rolls Show Total Valuation of $1,359,465; Tax 9,366 Articles - The board of supervisors have equalized the tax rolls of Attala county of the personal property as of January 1, 1931, by L. B. Milner, tax assessor of this county, with the estimate by the official as follows:

Poll tax, white mailes, 2725; white females, 912; negro males, 549; negro females, 10. Total 4,196.

The following valuations have been filed:
Horses, 964, $29,880; mules, 3,825, $156,495; oxen, 20, $500.

Automobiles, 1,682, $149,385; wagons, 1,985, $16,650.

Gasoline, oil and kerosene storage tanks, 17, $4,755.

Electric refrigerators, 24, $2,350, radio receiving sets, 107, $3,250; pianos, 99, $5,610; phonographs and other instruments, 72, $1,120; guns and pistols, 16, $155; watches and clocks, 34, $385.

Total number of things taxes: Diamonds and jewelry, $75; household furniture, $2,920; heating, lighting and water systems, $675; gasoline, filling station equipment and fixtures, $6,385.

Hotel, cafe and restaurant fixtures and equipment, $5,855; office and store fixtures, $22,615; merchandize and all stocks of goods and materials, $262,200; machinery, tools, implements and equipments, $143,195; manufactured products, $38,550; raw materials for manufacturing purposes, $22,900; private railroad line and equipment, telephone, gas, water line, $10."

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