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Monday, August 25, 2008

Gideon Gibson Moves to Mississippi

Early colonial land records show Gideon Gibson (2) migrated from Virginia first to North Carolina and then on to South Carolina. It was in South Carolina that Gideon settled with his wife, Mary Martha O'Connell, in the Sandy Bluff area, near the Pee Dee River, in what was then Marion County, South Carolina. This area of South Carolina was called the "backcountry," and it was actually part of the hunting grounds of the Cherokee. Colonial land records show that Gideon owned many acres of land and was likely one of the wealthiest men in the area. It was also here that he, along with neighbors and relatives, were involved in the infamous "regulator" incident.

Gideon (2) and Martha had a large family that included six daughters and three sons. Eventually, Gideon and Martha, moved their family to Adams County, Mississippi. Their last child, Reverend Randall Gibson, was born in Adams County in 1766, and his lineage includes Tobias Gibson and his son, Randall Lee Gibson, a Louisiana sugar plantation owner and well-known legislator. Gideon Gibson died in 1792 in Adams County, Mississippi.

My great-great-greatgrandfather, John P. Gibson, according to the U. S. Census records taken in Mississippi in 1860 and 1870, was born about 1799 in South Carolina. Since Gideon and Martha Gibson were married in 1749, had their last child in 1766, and Gideon died in 1792, it is apparent that John P. Gibson was not one of their children. It is possible, however, that John P. Gibson could have been a grandchild, born to a son who may not have moved to Mississippi with the rest of the family.

My search will continue.

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