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Monday, October 12, 2009

Shrock Family in Mississippi - Part 2

Finding the family of Joseph K. and Caroline Fitler Shrock on the U. S. Census of 1870 was difficult. When I did locate the household, I found the surname spelled incorrectly, apparently a transcription error, since it appeared with an "a" instead of an "o." Another transcription error was made when "J. K." Shrock was shown as "J. J."

In 1870, Joseph K. Shrock and his family were living in Beat 4 of Attala County, Mississippi, with a post office address of "Kosciusko." Shrock, born in South Carolina and 49 years old in 1870, was a merchant by occupation. His wife, Caroline, was shown to have been 45 years old when the census was recorded. Joseph Shrock's real estate, according to the census record, was valued at $3,500, and his personal property was shown to be worth $5,000.

Children in the Shrock household included:

H. F. Shrock, male, 20 y/o, W
Wm. F. Shrock, male, 18, W
G. Salley Shrock, male, 14, W
Eliza Shrock, female, 17, W
Louisa Shrock, female, 13, W
M. E. Shrock, female, 12, W

Also enumerated in the household was Louisa Fitler, likely Caroline Shrock's sister or sister-in-law. Another census transcription error existed with the Fitler surname, shown incorrectly as "Fetter."

A six year old black male, Robert Carson, was also enumerated in the Shrock household. Since the household appearing on the census record just before the Shrock household was headed by a 30-year old black farmer named Robt. Carson, it appears that six year old Robert was likely the older Robert Carson's son.

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