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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mabry Family in Mississippi

Like so many other families that migrated to Mississippi, the territory and the state, the Mabry family came from Virginia. Although I am not directly related to the Mabry family, I have heard the name mentioned by my Attala County relatives most of my life. Also, I have often seen the name in many family history resources I have searched on my quest for information about my own ancestors.

One of these resources was a book entitled, "Brunswick County, Virginia 1720 - 1975, Revised to 2000," written by Gay Neale, a gift from a distant Branch relative whose parents grew up in Southside Virginia.
Ironically, Joel Mabry, Hinchia Mabry, and my great-great-great-grandfather, Edward Tillman Branch, were all residents of Southside Virginia. Even more ironic is the fact that Mabry and Branch descendants have been residents of Attala County, Mississippi for well over a century.

Beginning next week, I plan to publish a series of posts about the Mabry family of Attala County, Mississippi. Also, on Mississippi Memories's sister blog,
Cemeteries of Dancing Rabbit Creek, I will be posting a series of photos of Mabry family grave stones in cemeteries in the Attala County area.

I hope you will join me here next week to read about this Attala County family.

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