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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mississippi Memories Receives "Happy 101" Award

When I logged into Mississippi Memories this afternoon, I found a comment from another Geneablogger, Debbie Blanton McCoy, who writes Blanton Roots. Debbie graciously informed me that she had awarded this blog with the "Happy 101" award." Thank you, Debbie, for bestowing this award on Mississippi Memories!

The award does come with two requirements, the first of which is to list ten things that make me happy. My list looks like this:

1. Children and the special things they say and do
2. Hugs
3. Sunrises and sunsets
4. Spring flowers
5. Fall
6. Snow (at least when I am inside looking out)
7. A good book and a warm fire (that's two, isn't it?)
8. Pets
9. Chocolate
10. Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

The second requirement is that I pass the award along to ten worthy bloggers. This is another easy task, because there are so many well-deserving blogs that are maintained by some very talented and resourceful writers.

Here is my list of recipients for the "Happy 101" award:

Judith Richards Schubert, who writes Tennessee Memories, was one of the first geneabloggers I met online. Judy, the name she prefers, is a resourceful researcher, a prolific writer, and an excellent photographer. Judy also writes Cemeteries With Texas Ties and Genealogy Traces.

Amy Coffin, author of We Tree, chronicles her day-to-day research for ancestors in a creative and often clever manner, and also writes many posts that provide helpful hints for successful family research.

Vickie Everhart, self-proclaimed "blog keeper" of BeNotForgot has developed one of the most creative blogs in the blogosphere. Not only is Vickie's blog a beautiful one, her posts contain carefully researched and comprehensive fact-based information.

Mona Robinson Mills, writer of Itawamba Connections, uses an extensive family photo collection to offer readers a look into days gone by in Itawamba County, Mississippi.

You Go Genealogy Girls, written by Ruby Coleman and Cheri Hopkins, chronicles the blog partners' often humorous accounts of their quests for family history data on the genealogy trail. Cleverly written and aesthetically pleasing, Ruby and Cheri offer readers an entertaining and informative look into family history research.

Becky Wiseman at Kinexxions - what can I say? Becky's posts and lovely photographs allow the readers of this blog to experience her recent personal genealogical journey throughout this beautiful country.

Little Bytes of Life, authored by Elizabeth O'Neal, contains informative and well-documented posts in an eye-pleasing format. This interesting blog is a mix of current family happenings and stories of Elizabeth's ancestors' past lives.

Lisa, who writes The Light That Shines Again, is a talented researcher and writer who maintains an authoritative and well-written look into Irish family history.

What Women Write, written by six contributors, Joan Moara, Julie Kibler, Susan Poulas, Pamela Hammond, Kim Bullock, and Elizabeth Lynd, who chronicle their literary pursuits while maintaining the lives of contemporary women in a changing world.

Ooh Wee Designs developed and maintained by Tracy Harpe Branch, is a creative presentation of a young Mississippi artist's unique collection of contemporary designs. And I am proud to say that we are related!

Now each recipient of the award is tasked with the same two responsibilities: Write about the ten things that make you happy, and pass the award on to ten other bloggers.

I hope my readers will visit the blogs of each of the "Happy 101" blog recipients. And if you like what you see, please let them know - we bloggers thrive on comments!


  1. Janice, what a very kind gesture! Thank you for the award and nice comments about my blog, Itawamba Connections. Perhaps, in 2010 we Mississippi bloggers can meet!

  2. Thank you so much for thinking of us, Janice!

  3. Thanks so much for the award of the 101! We really appreciate the kind nomination from one of our fellow bloggers. Cheri and Ruby, THE YOU GO GENEALOGY GIRLS.

  4. Janice, you are indeed one of the sweetest, friendliest fellow geneabloggers out there! Thank you for the kind comments about me and my blogs. You are to be commended for taking the time to thoughtfully prepare comments about each of your selections. I will indeed check into all of them ~ some old friends of mine, as well, and a few that are new to me.

  5. Thanks very much, Janice and Mississippi Memories, for mentioning my blog
    A light that shines again with such kind words. I appreciate you reading and sharing it with others.

    Keep up the good work here at Mississippi Memories!

    100 Years in America
    Small-leaved Shamrock
    A light that shines again
    Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture

  6. Oh my goodness, Janice, you are thorough when you give an award -- how fun! Thank you so very much for including me and mine in your list, and for the kind and thoughtful words. You are appreciated. V.