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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Year 2009, According to Google Analytics

Although this blog is not yet a year old, its first year was a very good one. According to Google Analytics, Mississippi Memories had 6,484 visits from 55 countries/territories, with 4,119 unique visitors. These vistors arrived primarily through the use of various search engines, such as Google, and accounted for 46.08% of all traffic to the blog. Referrals from other sites accounted for 41.54% of total traffic, while 11.75% of all visits resulted from direct traffic to the blog. Other types of traffic amounted to a minimal 0.63%.

Surprisingly, four posts generated the most traffic. Subjects of these posts were Robert Johnson's grave, the Bridgewater Inn, a bed and breakfast in Greenwood, Mississippi, the new B. B. King Museum located in Indianola, Mississippi, and a review of a recently published book, One Night of Madness, written by native Mississippian, Stokes McMillan.

The past year was a terrific year for communications from readers, and during 2009, I received many emails from throughout the country. Some of these emails were from new cousins who are now proud additions to my family tree, while others originated from readers who are not related. Although they are not related to the writer of this blog, several of these readers were kind enough to share family history information that was included in posts here on Mississippi Memories. Posts entitled The Restoration of a Cemetery: Conner Cemetery and The Hemingway Family Migrates to Madison County, Mississippi resulted from reader contacts and information and facts provided by these dedicated family researchers.

The simple fact is that Mississippi Memories owes its success to you, its readers. And I thank you, one and all!

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