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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Peace on Earth - Can it Be?

A few days ago, footnoteMaven challenged fellow GeneaBloggers to blog their favorite Christmas carols - to participate in "blog-caroling," that is. Choosing a favorite Christmas carol was the difficult part for me, because I love all Christmas music - it's truly magical. Although I must admit that traditional music is my favorite, for this challenge, I decided to go with something more unique, something different ---contemporary with a flair --- a duet with David Bowie and Bing Crosby singing "The Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth."

Everything in life has a story behind it, and this duet has one, too.  It was performed in 1977 on the last Bing Crosby Christmas television special that aired before Crosby's death occurred a short time later.  When I first heard the song on a local radio station while driving home from work in late 2004, I listed to the music and the words with absolute awe.  But I did not have a clue about who the vocalists were.  This does not surprise me now, for in 1977I had three young children, including a 6 month old baby, a full-time job, and little time for television. I am sure that I missed Bing Crosby's Christmas Special.  I still remember how intently I continued to listen to the song on the radio, waiting for the announcer to identify the singers.  When the announcer finally informed his listeners that  David Bowie and Bing Crosby were singing this beautiful, powerful piece of music, I was quite surprised and truly amazed.  Just today, a news article was published in the Los Angeles Times that includes mention of the "iconic duet" performed during that last Bing Crosby Christmas television special.

A video of the special Crosby-Bowie duet can be viewed below, and the words to the song appear at the bottom of this post.  I hope you enjoy this unique version of a well-remembered Christmas carol recorded by two well-known artists and the special Christmas message it holds.

And they told me -- pa-rumph-ah-rum-pum

A new-born king to see -- pa-rumph-ah-rum-pum

Our finest gifts we bring-- pa-rumph-ah-rum-pum

Rumph-ah-rum-pum, pa-rumph-ah-rum-pum, rumph-ah-rum-pum

Peace on Earth, can it be
Years from now, perhaps we'll see
See the day of glory
See the day, when men of good will
Live in peace, live in peace again

Peace on Earth, can it be

Every child must be made aware

Every child must be made to care

Care enough for his fellow man
To give all the love that he can
I pray my wish will come true
For my child and your child too
He'll see the day of glory
See the day when men of good will
Live in peace, live in peace again.

Peace on Earth, can it be....

Can it be.....


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