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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Surname Saturday

It has been quite a while since I have posted the surnames that I am researching.  See my list below, showing state through which these families migrated before settling in Mississippi.  Also included are county names in which family members settled.  If you are researching any of the names below, I would like to hear from you - maybe we are related!

Atwood (NC>GA>AL>MS) Carroll and Madison Counties 
Baldridge (PA>NC>GA>TN>MS) Adams, Claiborne, Carroll, Madison
Baskins (NC>GA>TN>MS) Carroll
Branch (VA>NC>TN>MS) Attala, Leake, Hinds, Marion, Madison
Coggins (GA>AL>MS) Holmes, Yazoo
Fenner (NC>SC>GA>AL>MS) Adams, Claiborne, Liberty
Garrard (VA>NC>SC>GA>AL>MS) Holmes, Leflore
Gibson (VA>NC>SC>TN>MS) Adams, Claiborne, Calhoun, Carroll, Monroe
Lyles (SC>GA>AL>MS) Holmes, Yazoo
Meriweather (VA>KY>TN>GA>AL>MS) Calhoun, Tallahatchie, Carroll, Leflore
Netherland (VA>KY>TN>GA>AL>MS) Adams, Liberty, Lincoln, Holmes
Pettus (VA>NC>GA>TN>AL>MS) Holmes, Yazoo
Porter (PA>VA>NC>SC>GA>AL>MS) Adams, Hinds, Madison, Attala
Ragland (VA>NC>SC>GA>TN>AL>MS) Adams, Hinds, Attala, Holmes
Trigleth (VA>NC>GA>AL>MS) Holmes, Yazoo
Williams (AL>MS) Monroe, Calhoun

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  1. Janice - I'm still trying to reach you dear cousin! The Pettus's are common ancestors for sure and maybe the Baskin's too. Please contact me through my blog at keeper of the records (dot) blogspot (dot) com.