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Friday, November 26, 2010

Porter Family in Mississippi - Part 1

As a descendant of the Porter family in Mississippi that migrated first from Pennsylvania to South Carolina, through Alabama, and finally to the Mississippi Territory, I have found my own Porter family's history very difficult to trace.  My paternal grandmother, Lelia Porter Branch, first told me when I was young, that her father, John James (J.J.) Porter, was "Black Dutch" from Pennsylvania and that he was descended from one of three brothers who arrived in the Mississippi Territory about 1800.  She did not know the name of the brother from whom her father descended.  In my research, I have found that what my grandmother told me was fairly accurate, since early territorial census records show Landlot, Shadrack, and John Porter living in Adams County, Mississippi.  Available land records establish that Landlot (Lancelot) acquired land in the Mississippi Territory in late 1804, with Shad (Shadrack) Porter witnessing the transaction.  

No. 1914, Claimant: Lancelot Porter, 24 September 1804. Witness: Reuben Mayfield, 22 January 1805. Certificate D-161 issued 16 December 1806, Miss Ter., Adams Co., Homochitto River. Purchased from Thomas  Aldridge the right of preference as claim by ad Aldridge in Feb 1803, when he cleared a parcel of land, made a brush fence and planted corn, also peach trees and in 1804 Lancelot Porter settled sd place and cleared 3 acres and is now living on it.Miss Ter., Adams Co.// Thos. Aldridge, of sd county, for $500 in hand paid by Lancelot Porter, of sd county, sells all right of occupancy on land on south side of Homochitto River, on June 1804. Wit: Hiram Downs, John Scarlett, and Shad Porter, proved before the Board, 10 Sept 1805.

Armed with this early census and land ownership information, I began a research saga that extended to several counties in Mississippi, and one that is still ongoing.  During the next few weeks, I plan to post what I know about various Porter families that lived in Adams, Attala, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Hinds Counties. 

Author's Note:  If you are descended from Landlot, Shadrack, or John Porter who settled in the early Mississippi Territory and have stories or photos that you would like to share here on this blog, please contact me.


  1. I am going to give you my big SIGH. I wish my John G Porter in Carroll county were related to your Porters. I know his dad was James G Porter who died before 1810 in SC. His mother was Rachel Gist, and that is as far as it has gone. Love your blog.

  2. I do not know if I can help with the family history of Landlot Porter but I believe I have a family tie. My ancester, Shadrack Porter McCall came from Mc'Call Creek. I believe his father was James McCall and brother Oliver P. McCall. Oliver later has a son he names Shadrack McCall. James remarries a Judith Tidwell and has a son John Peck(Mothers maiden name) McCall.

    Family lore tells of a McCall who came to Texas and died there prior to statehood. Children were sent or brought back to Mississippi by stepmother. See my work "A study of one McCall family in the Ninteenth Century."
    I believe James had earler married into the Porter family and that family group helped raise my Shadrack. The name Porter has remained in my McCall family.

    With Landlot having a son Shadrack Porter and my family relative Thomas McCall, receiving land in Mississippi close to the time Landlot Porter had Mississppi land-Well !

    Conjecture but it all fits. McCall Creek was settled (by Thomas McCall) upon the streams Porter and Middleton's Creeks.

    Ken McCall,

    P.S. other Porter data is listed on the internet

    1. Correction to my July 15, 2012 posting. James McCall marries Francis Twiner, April 25, 1821, not Judith Tidwell. Francis Twiner is the daughter of John Twiner and Judith Peck Twiner.

      Ken McCall

  3. hi i was looking at my moms death on the computer when i came across ur blog none of these names come to mind but i was wondering if u knew karen m porter who died in a car wreck in 2010 i think thx

  4. My Grandfather Charles Lindbergh Porter, Son of John Robert Porter grew up in the Enon Community in Mississippi. :)