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Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Candles That Burn"

Last week, I ran across a book entitled "Candles That Burn," a compilation of poignant poetry by Aline Kilmer. One of her poems, "Remembrance" touched me in such a way that I decided to share it here today. Although the poem is a simple one, I think most of us who have ever revisited our childhood home, especially after being away for some time, have experienced feelings of both happiness and sadness. And in some way, each of us can identify with the sentiment expressed in this poem.

by Aline Kilmer

I went back to a place I knew

When I was very, very small;

The same old yellow roses grew

Against the same old wall.

Each thing I knew was in its place;

The well, the white stones by the road,

The box-hedge with its cobweb lace,

And a small spotted toad.

And yet the place seemed changed and still;

The house itself had shrunk, I know.

And then my eyes began to fill—

For I had always loved it so.


  1. Excellent! It really captures the essence of that feeling - I know this from my visits back home to my small town in upstate New York. You may be able to go home again but the feeling as sure to be different.

  2. Ms. Kilmer's poem is lovely and brings the memories and feelings of my going back home after long periods of time away. You are right, I think we all have experienced this. As Thomas says, the feeling is sure to be different.

  3. This poem reminds me why I really want to see the old home places but am also a bit afraid to do so. Thank you for posting this.