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Sunday, March 15, 2009

'Lil Elvis and "The King"

Last evening, something very special happened. For the first time, we had the pleasure of seeing our 6 year-old grandson perform as 'Lil Elvis. A serious Elvis fan for over a year now, 'Lil Elvis occasionally joins an adult-size Elvis impersonator who sounds remarkably just like "The King" when he appears at a local restaurant on select Saturday nights. Residents of all ages from nearby neighborhoods flock to the restaurant when "Elvis" is in the house, making it a real family affair.

Above: The show opens...

'Lil Elvis takes a final bow

And the performance last night was absolutely wonderful. Appearing with a new Elvis-type hairdo and remarkably authentic-looking aviator sunglasses (with sideburns, even!) 'Lil Elvis wowed the crowds with his well-rehearsed moves, as he sang along with the adult Elvis-impersonator. No "lip syncing" here....this guy's voice sounds just like the real thing. At the end of the evening, the two crooners even dedicated a song to us, and 'Lil Elvis placed a blue lei around his proud grandmother's neck.

Call me biased if you will, but what a show and what a kid!


  1. Only six years old?!? This little guy's going places!

  2. Janice, this little Elvis would win my heart, too! I know you must have been bursting with pride.