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Friday, April 17, 2009

Froggie's Friday Book Review - "Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia - A Life in Poems"

One of my readers is Mississippian, Patricia Neely-Dorsey, a poet and an author. Last year, Ms. Neely-Dorsey published a book of poems entitled "Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia - A Life in Poems." In her book, Neely-Dorsey has used childhood memories and her own personal thoughts and dreams, to describe southern life as she lived it.

Educated in Boston, and having returned with her family to live in Tupelo, Mississippi, Neely-Dorsey became inspired to write poetry that describes the southern way of life. It is through her poems that celebrate years growing up in Mississippi that Neely-Dorsey hopes readers will be given a positive glimpse into the southern experience. Her overall intent in publishing this book of personal stories in poetic form was to "celebrate the south and all things southern." As someone who lived for a time "outside the Magnolia curtain," Neely-Dorsey also hopes that her personal accounts of life in the south will dispel the many myths that exist about her home state of Mississippi. As the author herself has acknowledged, she has taken Eudora Welty's advice to "Write about what you know about."

Ms. Neely-Dorsey's book of poems covers a variety of subject matter, often personal in nature, and has been called "a poetic love letter to the south," as well as "
a poetic autobiography.

For more information about the author and her book of southern life captured in poetry, visit her website at, along with her blog found at Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia.

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  1. Thank you so much for including me and my "little book of southern poems" in your blog.
    It is greatly appreciated!!
    Thank you for helping me to spread the word and celebrate the south!