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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mabry Family Beginnings

Most Mabry family researchers have determined they are descended from Francis Maybury and Elizabeth Gilliam of Surry, England and acknowledge various early spellings of the surname, which include Mayberry, Maybury, Maberay, Mabery, and the most common spelling, Mabry. Although early settlers of this family arrived in Virginia and first lived in Henrico, Surry, Brunswick and Lunenburg counties, some Mabry family members began a southward migration that took them into Fairfield County, South Carolina, Wilkes County, Georgia, Pickens District of Alabama, and later into several counties in Mississippi. Some of those who first settled in Mississippi later moved westward, including several areas in Texas.

According to the U. S. Census of 1850,
69 men, women, and children with the surname Mabry fesided that year in the State of Mississippi. These sixty-nine individuals lived in households that included a dozen couples named Easton and Ursula (Chickasaw County), James T. and Affa (Attala County), John and Sarah (Itawamba County), Jesse and Nancy (Madison County), Michael and Mary (Pontotoc County), Alexander and Clarinda (Attala County), Joel and Jane (Oktibbeha County), Frank B. and Mary E. (Desoto County), Benjamin T. E. and Lucy (Madison County), J. S. and Martha (Marshall County), William O. and Elizabeth M. (Desoto County), and Valentine and Ann L. (Attala County). Forty-five children lived in these twelve households.

Four adults with surnames other than Mabry were residents in two households.
These names included J. C. Culbertson, Walter Bernard, Mary W. Logan, and Margaret V. Logan. Since the 1850 census does not specify relationships, it is impossible to determine how these four individuals were related to other members of the same household.

Of the twelve couples, four lived in Attala and Madison Counties.

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