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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stephen Middleton, Abbeville, SC to Franklin County, MS

According to the U. S. Census of 1790, Stephen Middleton was a resident of Abbeville, South Carolina, part of the "Old Ninety-Six" District.  The census shows the Middleton household consisted of seven individuals, including five free white males under the age of 16, one free white male over the age of 16, and one free white female. It is interesting to note here that one cannot determine by this record alone if the "one free white female" is Stephen's wife, daughter, or another female. The Middleton family, along with many others, were likely part of the "Great Migration" to the Mississippi Territory, since the next time that Stephen Middleton appeared on a U. S. Census was in 1810, when he was enumerated as the head of a household in Franklin County, Mississippi.  Since Mississippi had not yet attained statehood, Franklin County, with slightly less than 2,000 inhabitants, was still part of the Mississippi Territory.  According to the census recorded in 1810, Middleton's family had increased from seven members in 1790 to nine.  Also, Middleton's enumeration showed that he owned 24 slaves.  Other Franklin County heads of households appearing on the U. S. Census of 1810 whose surnames were Middleton were identified as Mary, John, and Samuel.

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  1. Stephen Middleton had 8 children proven by a suit filed against his son James George Middleton by his brother-in-law, Phineas Bozeman in 1831 on behalf of his wife Martha Middleton Bozeman for her portion of her father's estate. In his suit is listed the heirs of Stephen Middleton as James G., Stephen, Levi E., Catherine (m. John R. Martin 8 Sept. 1825), Cynthia (m. Micajah K. Pickett 14 Jan. 1819, Elizabeth (m. George R. Weathersby 17 Nov. 1823, Priscilla (m. Joseph S. Carlock 15 Aug. 1830) and Martha (m. Phineas Bozeman 1829).

  2. Phineas Bozeman died before 1833 because his wife, Martha Middleton Bozeman, married her first cousin Stephen N. Middleton in 1833.

  3. The 8th child of Stephen Middleton was Stephen J. Middleton, also named in the above lawsuit.