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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mabry Households in Attala County, MS - 1870

In 1870, according to the U. S. Census conducted in Attala County, Mississippi, all individuals who lived in the county, with the exception of two, G. A. and B. H. Mabry, resided in Beat 4. Names of the individuals, along with the information captured on the 1870 census, appear below:

Enumerated in Beat 4, Post Office: Kosciusko, MS

Matilda (H), 35 y/o, b MS, f/black
Wesley, 18 y/o, b MS, m/mulatto
Cynthia, 16 y/o, b MS, f/mulatto
Bettie, 14 y/o, b MS, f/mulatto
Silas, 10 y/o, b MS, m/black
Amagiat, 8 y/o, b MS, m/mulatto
Charity, 2 y/o, b MS, f/mulatto

Minerva Mabry (H) - 44 y/o, b MS, w/f ((R/E value $1200; personal property value $600)
Mary C. Mabry - 16 y/o, b MS, w/f
Bettie Mabry - 12 y/o, b MS, w/f
Walter Ann Mabry - 7 y/o, b MS, w/f

V. A. Mabry (H) - 43 y/o, b AL, w/m (Farmer, R/E value $1200; personal prop. value $600)
M. C. Mabry - 24 y/o, b MS, w/f
N. J. Mabry - 20 y/o, b. MS, w/f
C. L. Mabry - 18 y/o, b. MS, w/f
Bettie Mabry - 16 y/o, b. MS w/f
C. B. Mabry - 14 y/o, b. MS w/f

Wm. G. Mabry (H), 28 y/o, b. MS, w/m (Farmer, R/E value $650; personal property $250)
Frances Mabry, 19 y/o, b. MS, w/f
Mary C. Mabry, 1 y/o, b. MS, w/f

John Mabry (H), 35 y/o, m/mulatto
Mary Mabry, 17 y/o, f/mulatto
Sarah Mabry, 8 y/o, f/mulatto
Francesco Mabry, 2 y/o, male/black

Amelia Mabry (H), 25 y/o, female/black
Saunders Mabry, 10 y/o, m/mulatto
Dudley Mabry, 2 y/o, m/mulatto

Phillis Mabry, 11 y/o, b MS, f/mulatto
(Enumerated in the h/hold of Anderson and Louisa Mann)

Nancy Mabry, 10 y/0, b MS, female/black
(Enumerated in the h/hold of Rachel Kane)

G. L. Mabry (H), 29 y/o, w/m (Farmer, R/E value $3800; personal property value $1800)
S. M. Mabry, 24 y/o, b MS, w/f
Asenath Mabry, 9 y/o, b MS, w/f
F. A. Mabry, 3 y/o, b MS, w/m
F. E. Mabry, 1 y/o, b MS, w/m

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Beat 4, Attala County, Mississippi; Roll M593_722.

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