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Thursday, July 23, 2009

More About the Garrards of Holmes County, MS

Yesterday, I again reviewed U. S. Census records for Garrard family members in Mississippi. According to U. S. Census records, there were two Garrard families residing in Holmes County, Mississippi in 1860. The family of Richard N. and Annie Lyles Garrard, my maternal great-great-grandparents, lived in the Eulogy Beat area, where they were enumerated. Also present in the household was my maternal great-grandmother, Martha Elizabeth Garrard, born in Alabama, who was seven years old.

Another family, headed by John Garrard, was counted in the "Thornton Town" area of Holmes County. According to the 1860 census record, John's wife was "Loiza." Since John and Richard are fairly close in age, and each was born in Georgia, it does appear the two men could have been brothers or possibly cousins.

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