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Friday, July 10, 2009

This Would Never Happen in Mississippi.....or Could It??

I just received an email from Terry Thornton, who writes Hill Country of Monroe County (MS), alerting me to an unfortunate situation that threatens the destruction of an ancient Indian mound in Oxford, Alabama. Thornton read this information today on
Deep Fried Kudzu, a blog written by a 7th generation Alabamian named Ginger.

I have now read Ginger's post, in which she details the story of the destruction of the ancient Indian burial place that may be as much as 1500 years old. It seems the dirt from the mound is being used as fill dirt at a construction site in Oxford, Alabama, where a new Sam's Club store allegedly is being built. Interestingly, the property on which the mound is located may be owned by the City of Oxford's Commercial Development Board.

Ginger's post about the situation in Oxford is a comprehensive one that includes photos and links for contacting Alabama officials, including Oxford's city offices and the Alabama governor's office in Montgomery.

I encourage you to read Ginger's entire post here, and if you see fit, please make the appropriate contacts that could prevent further destruction of this site and other similar historical sites.

Thank you, Ginger, for writing the post. And thank you, Terry, for advising other bloggers about the situation.......maybe we can make a positive impact on the history of Oxford, Alabama.

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