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Friday, August 14, 2009

Felix the Cat - An Update

This is a photo of Felix relaxing at home with his favorite toy, a piece of iridescent blue nylon rope that once was wrapped around a small play ball. What is not readily apparent in the photo, however, is that Felix has just returned from yet another trip to the veterinarian, a trip that left him without a few more parts of his feline anatomy.

The last time I wrote about Felix, he had undergone surgery to have his tail amputated. The good news is that several weeks later, his tail has completely healed, leaving him with a furry black bobtail less than two inches long. The bad news is that on Tuesday of this past week, Felix was subjected to two additional "procedures," when he was neutered and his front claws were removed.

Awwwrrrrrh, you may be saying.

Yes, it sounds pretty awful, but both procedures were necessary for Felix to remain a housecat, something that he has grown very much accustomed to, I might add!

An unusual thing happened on Wednesday, however, when we brought Felix home. He didn't act as if anything had happened to him. He was just as full of energy as when we left him at the animal hospital on Monday afternoon, something that was apparent as he bounded through the house, making certain everything was just as he left it!

We knew when Felix adopted us that he was one resilient little fellow, and now we know he is becoming one "tuff" cat!

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