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Friday, August 21, 2009

Felix - One Contented Cat

The last time I wrote about Felix the Kitten, now Felix the Young Cat, he had just arrived home after undergoing two additional surgical procedures. To bring you up to date, Felix's tail was injured when he adopted us, and his tail required amputation to stop an infection. And a couple of weeks later, he spent some more time at the veterinary hospital, where he was de-clawed and neutered.

Today I am happy to report that Felix has breezed through all three of these procedures and that his purrrrrr-motor is running even more than ever. I actually thought that he might hold a grudge and pout for a few days after he arrived home to recuperate from the last two procedures, but that has not been the case at all. He seems to love his adopted family even more. After a round of booster shots scheduled for next month, Felix will be vet-free for a while, unless some sort of emergency develops. That means he can just focus on becoming a grown-up cat.

In the photo here, Felix can be seen perfecting a favorite sleeping position during one of his many daily naps.

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