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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life in Schrock, Mississippi - 98 Years Ago Today

Today's post is an excerpt from,"The People of Shrock, 1895 - 1922," edited by Attala County native, Duncan C. Covington. The article, written under the pseudonym "Daisy" was originally published on Friday, August 25, 1911, in the Kosciusko Herald, Vol. 12, No. 28.

"Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Stingley spent several days with relatives in Leake County recently. Mr. M. D. James is spending awhile at Hot Springs. Messrs. Joe Shrock and Wirt Williams, Mrs. Mabel Fulmore and Lula Williams attended quarterly meeting at Salem last Tuesday. Several of the young people attended an ice cream supper at Shiloh for the benefit of the church. Mrs. Walter Laureman of Aberdeen is visiting relatives here. Mr. McCauley, a veterinarian from Lexington, was here a few days ago. Mrs. Bertha Ellis of Memphis is visiting her father, Mr. W. T. Clower. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Dickerson have returned from a trip to Colorado where they spent several days visiting many points of interest. Miss Ida Hearst and Mr. Harvey Hearst went to Goodman Thursday to hear Rev. Holcomb who is holding a meeting at the Baptist church. Mr. E. B. Parker, Sr., Mrs. John Fallen and children, and Miss Estelle Jenkins are visiting relatives in St. Louis. Miss Rossie Hearst is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Burnie Pressly, at Vaughn. Miss Carrie Campbell of Yazoo City visited home folks recently. Mr. Walter Mabry and wife visited at Camden Sunday. Miss Mabel Fulmore, who has been visiting Miss Lula Williams, for her home in Water Valley. Miss Ruby Shrock has returned from a pleasant visit to relatives in Georgetown. Mrs. G. W. Thomas is spending awhile with her daughter, Miss Eula Hammett, at Schlater. Mr. Elmer Dickerson left Monday for Parkin, Arkansas, where he has a position. Miss Lee Davis of Camden is teaching the Shrock School."


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  1. Iam Sylvia Shrock Scott. Philip Shrock was the son of Henry the first who came to America in 1755. Henry Shrock Jr. was the brother of Philip, We lived at Shrock House and occupied the storefor 15 years. We restored them both. At one time Shrock boasted over 2000 residents. A cousin of ours has printed a booklet with the most thorough ancestry in existence. Duncan Covington book is delightful and lets us in the life of the day. I am writing a book about stories told by the seven children of William F. Shrock and Mary Shrock. It will include some history, biographies. Try to get on my facebook and we will find a way to share our information.