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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Descendants of John and Nancy Baldridge, Carroll County, MS

In 1850, John and Nancy Baldridge were enumerated in Carroll County, Mississippi, in the U. S. Census taken that same year. John Baldridge, a North Carolina-born veteran of the War of 1812, was my paternal great-great-great-grandfather. The census recorded in 1850 estimated John's birth year to have been about 1780, making him 71 years old at the time the census was taken. Nancy, John's wife, was shown on the census to be 35 years old. Based simply on the difference in their ages, Nancy was likely John's second wife.

According to the census record, John and Nancy Baldridge already had seven children in 1850. The children's names and ages were Calvin, 12, Wesley, 10, Byrd, 8, Martha A., 7, Marten, 6, George 4, and Benjamin, age 1. During a later post, I plan to write more about Marten, age 6, who was actually William Martin ("Mart") Baldridge, and my paternal great-great-grandfather.

In addition, Thomas Marble and James Marble, ages 18 and 16, respectively, were also household members whose occupations were each shown to be "laborer." According to the census, John Baldridge was a "farmer," but it is likely that his age prevented him from engaging in physical labor required by the farm, and that James and Thomas Marble were relatives who worked the land for him.

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