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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Susan Elizabeth Coggins, 1855 - 1921

I never knew that my mother had relatives named Coggins until about two weeks ago. I was not alone in this lack of information, because my mother knew nothing of the Coggins family, either. While researching the Trigleth family of Nash County, North Carolina and later Holmes County, Mississippi, I discovered that my maternal great-grandmother, Lucy Lula Trigleth, was the daughter of Susan Elizabeth Coggins and George W. Trigleth.

According to the U. S. Census recorded on June 14, 1880, Susan Trigleth was 22 years old and was living with her 27-year old husband George W. Trigleth in District Nine of Holmes County, Mississippi. The couple already had three children, Walter, age 4, Johnny, age 2, and Milton, born in September of 1879. Susan and George had another child in 1881, my maternal great-grandmother, whom they named Lucy Lula, and who would later marry William Elza Pettus. Soon after Lula's birth, Susan's marriage to George ended, and she married Isaac Garrett ("Ike") Killebrew, with whom she later had two children named Raiford Killebrew and Rosa Killebrew.

By all accounts, the Coggins family also migrated from North Carolina. Although I have found several Coggins families in Mississippi, beginning with the U. S. Census of 1850, including some who lived in Chickasaw County and in Smith County, I have been unable to find young Susan living in the household with her parents.

It sounds as if I have much more research to do, since the Coggins family story is far from complete. If you are related to this family, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. enjoyed perusing your blog this morning.. I have lots of Mississippi memories too.