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Friday, November 6, 2009

Mabry Family in Attala County, Mississippi

According to the U. S. Census recorded in Mississippi in 1860, over one hundred individuals with the surname of Mabry were living in the state. Two households, headed by Walter Mabry and his wife Manerva, and by Alexander Mabry and his wife Clorinda, were enumerated in Attalaville, in Attala County. The names of children who lived in the household with Walter and Manerva, along with their ages at the time the census was taken, were Irving, 17, Roling M., 13, Bethena, 10, Mary C., 7, James S., 5, Sarah E., 3, and Samantha, age 3 months. Living in the household with Alexander and Clorinda Mabry were children named G. S., 19, T. D., 17, James, 15, J. W., 13, W. S., 11, and E. J., age 9.

Walter Mabry, 38 years old, born in Alabama, was a farmer who owned real estate valued at $4,000 and whose personal property was valued at $6,200. Also a farmer, Alexander Mabry had been born in Georgia, and according to the census, he owned real estate valued at $25,000 and personal property with a value of $75,000. Although Walter Mabry's holdings were substantial, by 1860's standards, Alexander Mabry was a very wealthy man. In fact, if the figures on the census record were accurate, the value of Alexander Mabry's real estate and personal property exceeded that of any other resident of Attalaville, Mississippi in 1860. Although the U. S. Census of 1860, Slave Schedule, shows that Walker (sic) Mabry owned six slaves, three males, ages 40, 50, and 58, and three females, ages 14, 20, and 65, Alexander Mabry's name does not appear as an owner on the same schedule.

Others who lived in Attalaville, Mississippi in 1860 were male heads of households identified as Robert Campbell, James Burrell, Jesse Armstrong, Joseph K. Shrock, John Clowers, William Martin, James Martin, J. C. Bryan, J. A. Dixon, William C. Hearst, John B. Luster, Obadiah Dumas, Thomas Cotton, Mathew Roby, Robert Dowling, William Simmons, Berry McMillan, A. Horton, William Burrell, Thomas W. Evans, and Jackson Ousley.

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  1. This is wonderful information. Thank you for posting this! Mary Rose Kelly (great-great-granddaughter of Alexander Mabry)