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Sunday, June 5, 2011

This is the Face of Genealogy

Margaret Susanna Merriweather Porter and John J. Porter
My Paternal Great-Grandparents
Attala County, Mississippi
Circa 1920
I have posted the photo here in response to an insensitive (to say the least) photo that accompanied a recent article in the LAWeekly announcing the Southern California Genealogical Society's 42nd Annual Genealogy Jamboree. You can see a copy of the photo in question and read the background of what happened here. The outcry from the geneablogging community that began yesterday has been huge, and the photo in question has since been replaced with a photo of the "Jamboree app" on an iphone. 

The more I think about what happened with the LAWeekly, the more I wonder why this incident occurred in the first place. Do some members of the public feel that researching one's family history is some sort of joke and that it is less than a worthy and noble effort? I don't think so. Viewer response to two seasons of  "Who Do You Think You Are" has surely proven otherwise.  What I do know is the LA Weekly now knows first-hand the geneablogging community believes genealogy is a subject that deserves respect.

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