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Thursday, May 7, 2009

BeNotForgot - A Mississippi Connection

Yesterday, I passed along the "One Lovely Blog Award" to Vickie at BeNotForgot. Vickie responded with a most gracious thank-you post that included this special badge she made for me to show her appreciation for the award.

Vickie's post also included some information about her "
Mississippi Connection," and since she does have this kinship tie with the Magnolia State, I thought some of my readers might be interested in visiting Vickie's blog.

Click here to read Vickie's thank you post that also contains a link to information about her 2nd great-grandma, Mollie (West) Nettles (1852-1939) who grew up in Mississippi during the War Between the States.

Thank you, Vickie. You do have "One Lovely Blog!"


  1. Oh, how lovely that you did this! Thank you so much. I am always grateful for each new way of getting the word out about those I'm researching. Glad you like your badge. :) And thank you again, for deeming BeNotForgot worthy of the award. Vickie in Texas

  2. Janice,

    What a lovely site to find, with old memories and old places---I feel as if I've just found a new library, with wonderful books I've read, and had been longing to find again.

    This is a lovely gift for Mothers' Day weekend.

    I saw on MISSISSIPPI GARDEN that you've selected it for your LOVELY BLOG award---when you do hear from Jon, could you please let him know that a great many friends are thinking of him and hoping he'll soon return and let us know how he is.

    Online friends can be some of the most interesting and warm, and then when you can't manage to hear from them---we're concerned about him, and hope that he is well.

    Thank you, and I look forward to delving into all these wonderful topics and places and memories!!


  3. The badge Vickie created for you is beautiful! She is definitely talented. And her blog deserves the "One Lovely Blog Award", to be sure.