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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Leflore Family of Mississippi, Part 5

Census records are a family researcher's best friend, since each entry tells its own unique story. In this chapter about the Leflore family in Mississippi, I am presenting a look at the family from information contained on U. S. Census records in Mississippi in the early 1800s.

According to the 1830 U. S. Census, there were four individuals named "Leflore" who headed households in the State of Mississippi:

Leflore, Greenwood (Yazoo Co)
Leflore, Lewis (Yazoo Co)
Leflore, Michael (Yazoo Co)
Leflore, William (Yazoo Co)

In 1840, only three heads of households were recorded:

Leflore, Greenwood (Carroll Co)
Leflore, Jackson (Carroll Co)
Leflore, William (Carroll Co)

By 1850, the first U. S. Census to record the names of all family members, there were twenty-four (24) individuals enumerated whose surnames were each Leflore:

Household #1 (Northern District - Carroll County)

Leflore, Greenwood, 50, farmer - real estate valued at 80,000
Leflore, Priscilla, 32 (wife)
Leflore, Jane, 18
Leflore, Rebecca, 12
Leflore, Greenwood, 9

Household #2 (Northern District - Carroll County)

Leflore, John D., 24, farmer
Leflore, Francis, 18

Household #3 (Leake County, Beat 2)

Leflore, B., age 54, farmer, real estate valued at 10,720
Leflore, Mary, 40, wife

Leflore, Arian, 25
Leflore, Manerva, 17
Leflore, Martha, 13
Leflore, Lewis, 13

Household #4 (Leake County, Beat 2)

Leflore, Campbell, 22, lawyer
Leflore, George, 22, student

Household #5 (Leake County, Beat 2)

Leflore, A. H., 25
flore, Sophia, 23
Leflore, W. R., 3
Leflore, G. A., 1

Household #6 (Southern District - Carroll County)

Enumerated in the household of Martha Terry (44 y/o) and Stephen Terry (52 y/o) were:

Leflore, Greenwood, 19
Leflore, Elizabeth, 13
Leflore, Susan, 11
Leflore, John, 9
Leflore, Josephine, 7

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