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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thanks, Judy, for "One Lovely Blog Award"

This morning, I began my blogging day by reading Judy Schubert's Tennessee Memories, a weblog where she posts information about her husband's family. If you have not read Judy's blog, I recommend that you do so. Not only does it contain some beautiful photographs of Tennessee scenery, all taken by Judy, her blog is well-researched and written and is informative and entertaining. I personally think Judy's blog is truly one lovely blog. And her post today says that is just the award that she has received from Becky Jamison who writes Grace and Glory.

I am proud to announce here today that Judy has bestowed this same award on
Mississippi Memories. Thank you, Judy, for deeming Mississippi Memories worthy of the "One Lovely Blog Award." And I feel very honored to have received it.

Now one of the requirements of receiving the award is that it must be passed on to seven other bloggers whose sites are worthy of the award. My selections appear below, and I encourage you my readers to take a few minutes to visit each of these "lovely" blogs.

BeNotForgot by Vickie Everhart

Magnolia Mornings by Rita Thompson

Maggie Reads by Maggie

Janinealogy by Janine

Hill Country of Monroe County Mississippi by Terry Thornton

Mississippi Garden by Jon

Little Bytes of Life by Elizabeth


  1. Thanks for the award Janice. And thanks for the links to all these new-to-me blogs I've got to go read.

    Terry Thornton

  2. Thanks for thinking of me, Janice. :) I created an appreciation gift for you -- it's posted on my blog. V.E. aka benotforgot

  3. Thank you, Vickie. Your appreciation gift is beautiful, and I have posted it on my blog today!