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Monday, October 18, 2010

More Cousins!

Blogging about family research has always been a positive experience for me.  Often, I have received help from readers with my own research, and on some occasions, I have been able to help a few readers.

But by far, my best experience as a blogger has been meeting new cousins. This past week I met two.  One individual lives in Greenville, Mississippi, and the other calls Gonzales, Louisiana home.  One contact was an email through Facebook, and the other was in a beautifully written letter that arrived in the U.S. Mail.  I plan to keep in touch with both people.

Ironically, each cousin has ties to the Burrell family that settled in Attala County, Mississippi over 150 years ago and found my blog while searching for information about that family.  Jean Baptiste Elzéar Burel, the family's common ancestor, was a physician who sailed with Lafayette from his native France to serve in the American Revolution.  Now, over two hundred years later, Dr. Burel's descendants number in the thousands and live throughout his adopted country.

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